US M-1928 WWII Haversack, Luxury

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US M-28 WWII Haversack for US Infantryman, "Lxury" Version

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This backpack of the M-1928 model (Haversack or Havresac) is the evolution of the M-1910 model used during the First World War. It has two small straps at the back. All straps are fitted with hooks to attach to the belt and carry the soldier's effects to the front. The tin pouch and the triangle (pack carrier) can be added and sold separately. The two metal eyelets affixed to the flap receive the bayonet while the ones positioned on the piece of web canvas attached receive the shovel (M-1910 or  folding M-1943). This bag is an indispensable accessory of the American infantryman of the Second World War. Exists in "economic" version.

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