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Customize your Dog tags pair in your name or on a friend's behalf for a gift! The two plates are engraved by us. This pair of plates is supplied engraved at your convenience, provided with a large chain to pass around the neck and a small to fix the second plate.

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Adopted officially in the US Army nomenclature before the country entered the war, the M-1940 identity plate (TAG, IDENTIFICATION, M-1940 - Stock No. 74-T-60), in monel then In stainless steel, a size of 50mm by 28mm, comes to replace the old models M-1903. The hole on the left side of the plate allows it to be worn with a cord, and the notch allows the plate to be fixed in the Addressograph model 70 for the transcription of data on medical reports. Depending on the years of conflict, the strike may change slightly but at any time (except in special cases), the soldier's name and surname, serial number, date of tetanus vaccination, blood type and Religion, sometimes the name and contact details of the person to contact in case of misfortune. Moreover, the plates are worn in pairs, thus, one remains on the body of the deceased and the other is transmitted to the GRS and to the American administration.

As a result of the soldiers' popularity with the ball collar, the latter is the most widely distributed model in the PXs and replaces the previously standardized "double-J" or rayon hook clamps.

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